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Dr. David Yañez Ruiz.
SMEthane Coordinator.

Cmno. del Jueves s/n
E-18100 Granada - Spain

Phone: (0034) 958 572 757
Fax: (0034) 958 572 753


Agolin SA (Switzerland) was founded in 2006. Their goal is to innovate, develop and produce with its best-in-class scientific knowledge nutraceuticals  based on botanical active compounds, which are effective, non-toxic and standardized. First products were launched in spring 2007. AGOLIN products are blends of high quality plant active ingredients designed to optimize the cow and cattle feed intake and feed utilization. Further product features are its pleasant smell and its physical form. They cover a wide range of essential oils blends with potential to reduce methane. One of the products under development is Agolin Ruminant, which has shown anti-methanogenic activity both in vitro and in vivo but needs to be further tested with different diets and production systems conditions.


Staff involved:

  • Riccardo Losa ¬†- R&D and QA Manager (Biologist)
  • Beatrice Zweifel Production and QC Manager (food engineer ETH Zurich and nutritionist)

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