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Dr. David Yañez Ruiz.
SMEthane Coordinator.

Cmno. del Jueves s/n
E-18100 Granada - Spain

Phone: (0034) 958 572 757
Fax: (0034) 958 572 753


Neem Biotech (UK) develops innovative and cost effective extraction, separation and purification processes for useful compounds from plant and marine material that have considerable commercial potential, licensing the technology to other companies. Neem Biotech was established in 1998 and is based around a small and dedicated team is using the resources of up to the minute chemistry, marrying this with the powerful resources of the plant kingdom learnt over generations from indigenous cultures. Key focuses are currently on extracts from Neem, Garlic, Aloe ferox and Artemisia Annua. The company is accelerating it development at an exciting pace at a time of increased interest in the commercial value of plant and marine extracts. Significant progress has been made in 2009 in the production of the stable garlic metabolite ajoene and a patent has been lodged on its production and certain applications. Neems innovative approach to mitigating the climate change potential of ruminant livestock has recently gained considerable press interest (

Staff involved:

  • David Williams  Chairman/CEO. One of the Founders of the company. Scientifically trained as an engineer with a PhD from Cambridge University in metallurgy. In a varied working career has run business in engineering, business consultancy before becoming involved in and developing a passion for biotechnology and phytochemistry.
  • Andrew Shearer  Director. An original Business Angel investor now responsible for marketing. Originally an arable farmer who brings to Neem his farming expertise and contacts.   

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