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Dr. David Yañez Ruiz.
SMEthane Coordinator.

Cmno. del Jueves s/n
E-18100 Granada - Spain

Phone: (0034) 958 572 757
Fax: (0034) 958 572 753


NOR-FEED SUD (France) develops and markets additives and functional ingredients containing plants and plants extracts. By improving the wellbeing of the animals, while contributing to a better productivity and respecting the environment, NOR-FEED SUD proposes innovating solutions for the animals for production, but also for the animals of sport and leisure. NOR-FEED SUD is associated with NOR-FEED A/S, pioneer on this innovating concept since 1988. NOR-FEED SUD markets its products in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Swiss and Canada.
NOR-FEED SUD is based in ANGERS. This setting up in ANJOU represents a triple proximity : basins of livestock productions of the French Great West ; the pole of competitiveness VEGEPOLYS and the channel of production of medicinal and aromatic plants presents in ANJOU.


Staff involved:

  • Nicolas Tessier: agriculture engineer / R&D manager of NOR-FEED SUD
  • Alexandre Budan : engineer / PhD Student in pharmacognosy laboratory of Angers / member of R&D staff of NOR-FEED SUD
  • Pierre Chicoteau : veterinary / director of NOR-FEED SUD


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