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Dr. David Yañez Ruiz.
SMEthane Coordinator.

Cmno. del Jueves s/n
E-18100 Granada - Spain

Phone: (0034) 958 572 757
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Universiteit Gent/Eigen Vermogen Van Het Institut Voor Landbouw En Visserijonderzoek UGent/ILVO

Recently, UGent Lanupro and ILVO Animal Sciences Unit from Belgium have joined their efforts to extend their research on methane production from dairy cattle. Hence, in this proposal they act as a joint consortium. In the current proposal, the acronym of this consortium is UGent/ILVO. This collaboration already resulted in the joint financing of a PhD project.
Both partners, UGent Lanupro and ILVO Animal Sciences Unit have extensive experience with the in vitro simulation of anaerobic fermentation processes. These are primarily focused on the simulation of the ensiling of fodder and the simulation of intestinal tract of farm animals, incl. methane production.
For several years Lanupro has built up expertise on methanogenesis and on the use of odd and branched-chain milk fatty acid profiles for the description of nutrient supply (and alternatively losses such as methane) from the rumen. Novel data mining techniques are explored to develop diagnostic models based on milk fatty acid patterns for improved ruminant nutrition.
ILVO has extensive experience in conducting in vivo experiments with dairy and beef cattle. One of the main research objectives of ILVO is studying the nutrition physiology to fine-tune the supply of nutrients with the requirements of the animal. In close relation with the latter, efforts are done to reduce the excretion of polluting elements into the environment. For dairy cattle, trials on a farm level and on an experimental level with the dairy herd of the Institute are both frequently applied. Moreover, ILVO recently established facilities for measurements of gas emission eg. ammonia emission from naturally ventilated stables. This experience is currently used in developing the methane chambers. These are expected to be fully operational by December 2010. The specific knowledge present in both research groups has a clear complementary value and increases the strength of this consortium.
Further, the consortium is strengthened by the Chief Business Officer of Food2Know (Prof. Benedikt Sas), a UGent Centre of Excellence. Food2Know provides a vast international network of professionals which will promote outstanding dissemination of our research results. The explicit task of the chief business officer of this platform is to create a portfolio of potentially applicable knowledge by filling the gap between strategic fundamental research and technological innovation, in the field of food and feed. Development of valorization routes and management of IP fall within his main expertise. 

Staff involved:

  • Prof. Veerle Fievez (responsible at UGent) is professor in animal nutrition. Her primary research interests focus on ruminant nutrition, in particular rumen methanogenesis, rumen fatty acid metabolism, use of milk fatty acids in dairy cattle diet optimisation and metabolic processes affected by fatty acids formed during rumen biohydrogenation of poly-unsaturated fatty acids and mobilisation of endogenous fat during periods of negative energy balance.
  • Dr. Sam De Campeneere (responsible at ILVO) is scientific director of the Department of Functional Animal Nutrition. His research interest focuses on the nutrition of the dairy cattle and its link with the nitrogen and phosphorous excretion and methane emissions.
Other staff:
  • Nico Peiren and Johan De Boever
  • Joaquin Castro Montoya

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